How To Pick Up Women At Work

How To Pick Up Women At Work

When you want to pick up women at work you have to be especially carefully. If you do something wrong you might end being charged for harassment. And even if you do everything right there can be misunderstandings and a lot of uncomfortable feelings when the relationship ends.

While it might seem simpler to pick up a woman at work for some reasons (you have valid reasons to talk to her, you know her, you can find reasonable pretences to talk to her, etc.) it is in a way more complicated that picking girls in the pub or in the club because of the same reasons.

How To Pick Up Women At Work

Before you go for it you should in depth weigh all pros and cons of the situation and make your decisions accordingly. First of all, decide if she is worth it. If you have doubts better move on and leave her alone. If you believe you want to do this, go ahead but you might want to follow a few rules about how to pick up women at work.

1. Welcome him every time you see him. A simple hello or hello is the first step to getting a woman. Short greetings turn into short conversations. Be charming and inconspicuous.

2. Smile at him. Just smile quickly, without staring. Keep simple. Your smile must make it feel comfortable and not be threatened. At the same time, he must never come to the conclusion that you might have some hidden agenda. Be your usual self, friendly and polite.

3. If you are lucky and this is the woman you are working with on a project or in the same office and not a different department, look for opportunities to use. He did a good job, praising him. Tell and show him how good a colleague is and how you value his intelligence and dedication.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask him to go to lunch or drink coffee. This is not unusual in the case of coworkers. If you find him uncomfortable, ask another coworker to join you.

5. After you have the opportunity to spend time together, be your best self, flirt with it but don’t overdo it.

6. Create a tradition. That can be anything. Send him a good morning letter every day, or go to lunch every second day of the week, or whatever comes to mind. You must be an integral part of your life. But don’t wait long before you move on to the next step. Once you cross a line that does not appear to be a friend, it will be difficult to return to your original plan.

7. Invite her on a date. Make sure he understands that you want an actual date and not your regular meeting.

Starting from the first date treat him like you would treat another woman you want to pick up. Consider the company’s dating policy before proceeding to any serious step.

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