Women Bras 101: Tips to Choose the Right Bras

Women Bras 101: Tips to Choose the Right Bras

A well-fitting bra will not only make you look good, but it will also make you feel good. A bra that is not fitting you well, either it’s small or big for you, will make you feel uncomfortable. The best way to know what bras are the best is by visiting CUUP reviews. On top of that, it may bring you back pain and cause you skin irritation. Here are some tips compiled from reviews about fashion stores that will help you when you go shopping for a bra.

1. Take your measurements before you go shopping.

Your bra size can constantly change from time to time because of hormonal changes in your body. Hormonal changes brought about by pregnancies or breastfeeding affect the size of your bra.  When going for bra shopping, use a tape cloth to determine your size. Take measurements under your breasts around the rib cage. Also, measure the fullest part of your breasts. The first measurement determines your band size while the second measurement determines your cup size. Each inch above the band size equates your cup size. If 32’’ is your band measurement then your cup size is 32C. The store attendant can also help you with measurements if you can’t do it at home.

2. Make sure it fits.

If your breasts are spilling over the top of the cup, then that bra is too small for you. If there is a gap between the cups, then that bra is too big for you. Look out for the bra straps to see if they are digging into your shoulder or if they are sliding downwards. Check to see if the back band is pinching you. Also, check to see if there is skin bulging beyond the bra’s edge. If a bra is a good fit, you should easily fasten it on the third or second bra. 

3. Purchase enough bras.

A bra can last between 6 months and a year. It depends on the frequency of wearing it and washing it. Investing in a good number of bras ensures that they last longer and their quality remains intact.

4. Make use of the band.

The band is where most support of the bra comes from. The band should be level and parallel to the floor. The band should not be hitching on the side neither should it lift in the back. If this happens, you will not get adequate support from your bra. Go for bras that have double-lined bands that help you get the right support.

5. Check to see if the underwire fits.

When you notice the underwire of the bra is not fitting, it means that the bra size is not your match. The underwire of the bra should enclose your breasts fully. When a bra is not your size, the wire will rest on the top of your breast or on the side of the breast. It gets uncomfortable and this is a clear indication that you have got the wrong bra size.

6. Wear a light top as you shop for a bra.

Wearing a light top or t-shirt will help you determine how the bra will look when wearing a light top. If you don’t like the outlook of the bras portraying through the top, you will consider wearing a top that conceals the outlook of the bra.

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