Women Smoking Cigars

Women Smoking Cigars

If we are to talk about taking cigarettes, most of the time, we will not think it to women but men. Women rarely make the list of cigar smoking life, unlike legends like Fidel Castro, Winston Churchill, and so on. However, we have more men smoking cigar does not mean women don’t do it too; we would like to explore the history of women and how mom’s cigar-smoking life became popular.

Early cigars

Taking of cigars by women did not become so popular not until they found themselves in areas where the taking of cigars is so popular. However, over time as more tobacco companies continue to grow around the world, more women start getting exposed to it, and they welcome it as a way of life. The first set of areas where women began getting used to cigar was in Spain and the Dutch land.

The Victoria Era

During the Victorian era, there was a shift in the attitude of women. A popular queen called Queen Victoria was the first person to place a ban on women smoking cigars in her presence, and with this came public opinion over the issue of women smoking a cigar. Victoria sees women smoking as taboo, which was her reason for the ban and saw it like it’s only meant for prostitutes to give them energy while doing their business. Unfortunately, King Edward VII removed the clause and came up with the slang, gentlemen you can smoke then till today, women now smoke publicly.

Modern cigar smoking

In 1990, more women took to smoking. People now see cigar smoking as a habit of people in high status in society. As a result, a lot of women took to it without fearing the repercussions of a damaged reputation that has early faced women who smoked cigars. More companies like mom’s cigars came up with more production of cigars as more women now take it a habit. Since it has now become a thing of fame, celebrities like Madonna, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg took it as an advantage and started to smoke publicly. However, in a country like the United States and the UK, people who decided to smoke, particularly in public, were regarded as feminists and rebellious.

Cigar brands targeted women

Since more women now take cigars, new brands were coming up to produce cigars so they can make money in the process.

There is no doubt that the taking of cigar has one effect or the other in the body. Particularly for the fact that it can easily damage the lungs and may not be something that can be corrected no matter what solution you want to apply.

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