Why Date Russian Women – The Myths Demystified

Everyone gets lonely at one point in life. That is when the desire to look for a mate kicks in. It may not necessarily be a ‘for keeps’ affair, just someone to talk to and hang out with. You can date women from all nations and religions. And, dating Russian women is not out of your league either. However, some factors make some women stand out more than others. This can be misconstrued to mean stereotypes, but the fact is some have the qualities of a good mate while others do not.

On the same note, there are many myths making their rounds in the dating circles that a woman of Russian decent is a better partner. However, no one has provided any factual proof to confirm these claims. Are Russian women the most beautiful in the world? Beauty attracts people when they are dating. This is important because the attractiveness draws people together. The standards of what is beautiful are set by the individual. But looking at the beauty titles in the world, Russia is not listed as the country that holds most of the world beauty titles.

On the other hand, some aspects may shed some light on this myth. Most of the women in the Scandinavian countries take good care of their bodies and skin. They watch their weight and eat what is essential to maintain the shape of their bodies. This can be the reason behind the glow that these women may have over their counterparts in other countries.

Women want to be pampered. This fact is evident in women across the geographical and cultural divide. A woman wants to feel that the man can meet her needs. It would be misguided to think that Russian women are only interested in your wallet. On the same note, it is wrong to assume that they would stay with you when you are dead broke. Despite the numerous dating sites with women who are looking for a better life in the West, you need to understand that there are also other sites for African women, American women, Asian women all looking for the same. So it is not a desperate move for these potential Russian brides. They know it is a level playing field and they are just trying their luck to get a better life.

Additionally, it is claimed that they are better homemakers. The Russian culture has mostly sidelined women from venturing into positions that are considered masculine. In essence, most of them have not had the chance to get into roles that can help them be heard. But this has not been the case for all of them, especially with the changes, economically and socially. Therefore, the assumption that all women want to stay at home is incorrect. They also have desires and aspirations and some of them have gone further to pursue their dreams.

Dating these ladies because of the notion that they are very intelligent is also a myth. Russia has a structured education system that even rewards the most promising students with free education in college. This system has seen many women graduate and pursue careers in different sectors. It is as a result of this system that the women in that country are considered intelligent.

It is important to date a lady who can shares your desires, interests and expectations. This means that you will go for a lady you like regardless of her geographical background. Therefore, look beyond the myths and see a lady for who she is, do not judge her actions in relation to her background. You might get the shock of your life if she does not meet your expectations based on the myths you heard or read.

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