The Importance of Knowing How to Prosper

Women are making momentous strides economically. But it still seems to be that more women than men are uncomfortable with money. Both filth rich and dirt poor are incompatible with sugar and space and everything nice.So many women have avoided thinking about money in favour of taking whatever comes to them by the path of least resistance.As a result, women may be enchanted with what money can buy but intimidated by its acquisition and upkeep. In order to have a grounded sense of self in this era and culture, women need to be financially skid-proof.


If money is an issue, time that could be spent cultivating an exception life will go instead to working overtime, worrying overtime, and wearing yourself out to come up with ingenious ways to pay off your Master Card with your Visa. Financial well-being depends on living in accord with underlying principles.

1. Money is nothing to be afraid of

Get comfortable with it. Carry some extra cash so that you’ll never be without it. Balance your check book promptly. Pay your bills on time. Know how much you have and how much you owe. Enjoy your money without anxiety.

2. Spend joyfully but rationally

Some people use purchasing power to make up for feeling powerless otherwise but reckless spending fuels further helplessness. Buy what you need and buy what makes your heart sing. Respect yourself, your space, and your solvency enough to leave the rest in the store.

3. Be wary of debt

You rob your future when you spend money you don’t have by using credit without reserve cash or collateral to cover the purchase. Unless you conscientiously pay off credit cards each month, consider the freedom of a cash economy, incurring no unsecured debt.

4. Put some of your money aside

Compound interest is a wonder of the world. If saving is hard for you, start with a small but consistent automatic transfer from your paycheck or checking account into a money market or mutual fund. As your money grows for you, saving will grow on you.

5. Don’t deprive yourself either

The opposite of squandering, deprivation leads to discontent, self-pity and periodic spending binges. Instead, use your resources to take good care of yourself as well as those you love. As long as you’re not going into debt to do it, treat yourself to fulfilling experiences and guilt-free gifts.

6. Learn prosperity principles and the basics of finance

To make friends with a person, you find out about her life and her interests. To make friends with money, do the same thing. Read the financial pages. Take a course in consumer economics. Learn about the metaphysical underpinnings of abundance.

By taking these steps, you will prosper and you will enjoy yourself as a woman. This will give you the self-confidence and ability to be just as powerful as a man who controls his money well.

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