Mix and Match Clothes Based on Its Color

When viewing a person’s appearance with the colors which do not match with the clothes, sometimes we commented “Well, his hit-and-run”. But, do not trigger thought so once, many people as you commented currently has a trend that advocates dress to wear bold colors that do not match. Legitimate actually follow the trend on LuLaRoe consultants in Los Angeles CA may give you some interesting new fashion with limited pattern. Here are some basic guidelines you need to know to combine the color of clothes that will be worn:

  • Adjust the color of the clothes the color of the skin.
  • Adjust the color of the clothes with activities, time, and place. Dark colors usually used for formal occasions, while bright colors for informal events. But this is not absolutely alias can be adjusted.
  • Avoid wearing pants or subordinates with bright colors. Subordinates should be dark, but if forced to wear bright colors, for example, must be used because it is uneven or the like, then choose a matching employer or the same color. It would be more pleasing to the eye.
  • Do not wear clothing that consists of more than three colors.
  • Avoid combining gray color with muted colors.
  • If you must wear accessories, should be the same as the color of your footwear. For example, you wear a brown belt, then wear a brown shoe as well.

Color is an important matter that can not be separated of fashion. To that end, it is appropriate that you know what color combinations are suitable and which are not. These colors include:

  • Vermilion

This color is a symbol of courage, active, and too aggressive. With a view, perhaps people will judge people dressed in red is in a state loud and passionate. This color is perfect in the world because it has a strong impression of professionalism. But this color is not recommended when it is in the event the interview or interviews. Colors have a dynamic and dramatic impression this is perfect paired with a gray color.

  • Pink

Many people have a color symbolizing love and affection and romance. This color is one color that is avoided because many men who identified it with feminism. The colors are very popular among women is suitable for events dating and romance. Romantic impression caused by this could turn pink when combined with other colors, so solid mix and match should be more careful. You can combine it with white or other bright colors. Avoid combining with dark colors.

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