Bodyweight Workouts For Women

Bodyweight Workouts For Women

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, these bodyweight workouts can help you get stronger and build endurance.

Squeeze play

Squeeze play

This exercise targets the inner thighs and can help you achieve that coveted thigh gap. To perform it, lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Press down through your heels while keeping shoulders flat against the ground; then lift one leg up until it’s parallel with the floor (or as close as you can get). Squeeze those inner thighs together for two seconds before lowering and repeating with opposing leg; do this 15 times per set. Rest 60 seconds between sets if needed!

Lateral lunge and squeeze

Lateral lunges and squeezes are a great way to tone your legs. To do this exercise, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold both hands in front of you for support. Step out laterally (sideways) with one foot about two feet away from the other foot. Bend both knees to 90 degrees so that they form a right angle at the knee joint. Then press into this position for 30 seconds before returning to starting position and repeating on other side of body until 10 reps total have been completed for each leg

Squat jumps

Squat jumps are a great exercise to build strength in the lower body and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Stand with your feet together, arms by your sides. Bend your knees and sink into a squat position until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Jump up as high as possible, landing softly on the balls of both feet (and aiming for no noise!). Repeat for 10 reps; take a 30-second break between sets if needed.

To add variety:

  • Squat jump with bounce – After performing one squat jump, immediately stand back up into another squat and jump again before landing softly on the balls of both feet (and aiming for no noise!). Repeat for 10 reps; take 30 seconds break between sets if needed.
  • Squat jump with hop – After performing one squat jump, immediately stand back up into another squat while jumping off two feet into an open space behind or beside you (aiming to land softly). Perform this move without any pauses between movements so it looks like one fluid motion rather than two separate ones! Repeat 5 times total then rest 1 minute before continuing onto Round 2 below…

Slow and steady

  • The exercise:
  • What muscles are worked:
  • Number of reps and sets:
  • How long it takes to complete the workout:

Plank rows with a twist

Plank rows with a twist

The plank row is a core-focused exercise that involves the entire body. It requires you to hold your body in a plank position while lifting one arm at a time, then lowering it back down. To make this exercise more difficult, try doing it with both hands on the floor and your feet elevated on an object such as an ottoman or chair. This will make it harder for you to maintain balance during each rep and build up more strength in your lower back muscles as well!

Push-up plus runners’ lunge

Start in the push-up position, with your hands underneath your shoulders and feet together. Lower yourself to the floor, then push back up and step forward with one foot. Return to starting position and repeat with the other leg. Keep your core engaged throughout this exercise. You can increase the difficulty by adding a weight vest or holding weights at chest level during each repetition of this movement (1).

These bodyweight workouts can build strength and endurance.

Bodyweight workouts are convenient, as they can be performed anywhere. They’re also easy to do, even for beginners and those who are out of shape. Plus, bodyweight exercises can help improve your mental health, lose weight and build muscle.

These bodyweight exercises can help you build strength and endurance. You can do them anywhere, without any equipment or even shoes. The key is to focus on form and keep pushing yourself to go further each time you repeat these movements. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to get fit without weights or machines then check out our other articles here!

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