What Maternity Swimwear Fits You the Best?

They’re a ton of different types and styles of maternity swimsuits on the market today. This can be a blessing but also a curse. How do you know which one is right for you? Here’s an easy guide for helping you find the perfect bathing suit and avoid feelings of overwhelm.

“I want to exercise”

If you want swimwear for exercising and doing laps in the pool, then you should definitely look among the selection of one piece swimsuits and sport suits for pregnant mothers. If you’d like maternity swimwear that is not just sporty but also fashionable Amy recommends that you consider choosing the “Maternal America 1 Piece Keyhole-swimsuit”, which comes in both turquoise, black and brown.

“I want a swimsuit that covers my hips well”

If having a swimsuit that really covers your hips is important to you, there are many different styles to choose from. The BabyDoll style gives you the best coverage of hips and bottom while at the same time providing plenty of room for your belly to fit in. Another good style for hip coverage is called Strapless Mini. This one is shows a bit more of your shoulders and is more form fitting, yet is still very comfortable.

“I want to show some belly”

If you have a desire to show off some belly without going straight to a bikini, then Amy suggest either the Halterkini or the Tankini style for you. Check out the “Two Piece Flutter Halterkini” from Maternal America. It’s a bit of a flirty style, slightly see-through. The bikini has a sade tie bottom and mesh material over the belly.

“I want to show lots of belly”

Your best choice for showing a lot of belly is a classic bikini. According to Amy, today’s top-quality maternity bikini-brands are meticulously designed to fit your pregnant body comfortably and elegantly. Both BellaBumBum and Prego Maternity have a great selection and styles within this category. A maternity bikini is often made to be able to stretch so it will fit your body better.


Now you have at least a basic guide in myriad of choices out there. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can’t go for a swim just because you’re pregnant.

Imagine going to the beach with your brand new maternity swimwear. Be sure, you’ll make some heads turn at the beach, wondering, “Who is that hottie?” You deserve it.

Swim cause you love it,

Lisa B. Smith

PS: I learned all of these tips from Amy Jarman, an expert on the matter, and owner of the online store Tummystyle.

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