Top 3 Beauty Tips To Wrap A Cowboy Around Your Finger

If your mission is not just to date a cowboy, but to actually wrap him around your little finger, we’d love to help! In addition to being confident without being arrogant, happy-go-lucky and overall loving life, you’ll also need to tweak your beauty routine for the cuties in this particular niche. Below you’ll find our top 3 picks on how to kill it in the beauty department so he doesn’t even know what hit him!

1.     Your Hair Is Your Best Accessory

Cowboys are crazy for long, blond locks, and if this is your hair type snatching up a cute cowboy will be that much easier. If you’ve got straight dark hair fear not because there are always things you can do to use your hair to your advantage.

No matter which hair type you have, the point is to take good care of it with the right kind of at-home treatment, such as a mild shampoo, a light conditioner, and perhaps a leave-in conditioner when you need to stress it with styling. Speaking of styling, don’t worry about any fashion trends or what you think your cowboy actually likes. Only focus on what looks good on you, and what is feasible, especially at home. Wear the style you feel the sexiest with, and he won’t be able to resist your confidence.

2.     Refresh Your Makeup Kit

Cowboys love girls who are naturally beautiful and use little to no enhancements, but that doesn’t mean girls will stop being girls. On the contrary, all you need to do is just refresh your makeup kit and make sure you don’t overdo your face when on a date with a cute country boy.

One of the best tricks to actually make your face look stunning without too much makeup is to put a primer under your foundation. It will keep your makeup looking fresh for longer, and your face smooth and youthful. Apply the foundation with a brush to avoid any streaks, and put black eyeliner on your upper lids.

If you like eyeshadow, go for a neutral tone and finish off with black mascara. Add just a little blush or bronzer, and finish off with lip balm on the lips. Don’t wear lipstick or lip gloss because your cowboy will be dying to kiss you, and the more natural your lips look, the more attracted he will be.

3.     Perfume As The Final Touch

Deliver the final punch with a killer perfume he’ll get drunk on without having a drop of alcohol. Go for a sexy scent that you’ll leave on his clothes to take home after a night of dancing, and keep in mind that the stronger the smell and the more compatible with your personality, the more powerful you’ll feel to take him on.

Not only is the right scent a confidence booster, but it will tell him plenty about you, such as that you’re not afraid to go after what you want. As much as cowboys like their women to be all cute and gentle, no man can resist a woman on a mission. Don’t worry about day and night fragrances or summer and winter scents, and just pick whichever perfume you like to wear the most, and watch it do its magic.

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