Teaching Lost Subjects

Most schools today are very focused on traditional subjects like Math and Reading. Even with a new emphasis on Science and Engineering, especially for girls, there are very important subjects that can provide valuable skills but are often overlooked in a traditional school setting. These are not the subjects that can you can measure on a standardized test but they provide an outlet that can help students have better focus and ultimately lead to a better lifestyle.


Not only does gardening provide our most basic and one of our most important needs, food, it also gives a great overview of how life and death work. It shows how life begins and the need for nurturing. It shows how life matures and how as things get older they don’t require as much care but they will always need some care to continue to flourish. Gardening gives a satisfaction of a job well done when you reap what you have sown and get to enjoy the rewards of your labor. Lastly, gardening teaches that life will always come to an end but that new life begins when old life is ended. These are life lessons that every student can use.

Health & Fitness

The current rate of obesity in America is staggering and our best efforts have not been enough to stop the growing epidemic. Students have become used to a sedentary lifestyle with more time consuming priorities than is necessary which leads to little time for a healthy lifestyle. Living an unhealthy lifestyle not only will shorten your life but it will make the life that you do have a miserable painful one with more than likely a slow miserable death. Teaching health & fitness at a young age is the key to forming a healthy adult with a fit lifestyle.

Although you may have no control over what happens at school you can provide these needed extracurricular activities at home with the right materials. QVC offers much of what you will need for gardening, health & fitness, and more to enhance your child’s educational experience. Check out Groupon’s QVC page https://www.groupon.com/coupons/stores/qvc.com to find awesome deals and savings codes to get what you need for less. Using these materials you can add valuable lessons to help your child become a well-equipped adult.

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