How to Celebrate Self-Love Day! (13th of Just about every Month)

Self-love Day established in February 2006, will be the 13th of just about every month. I developed this holiday to remind women to take time for you to celebrate, love, and honor themselves.

Here are some easy and inexpensive strategies to celebrate Self-love Day.

1. It’s a “Whatever Your Heart Desires” type of day.

Explore. Taste, touch, hear, view and smell new points. Relish in the enjoyment of adventure, exploration and beauty without the need for guilt.

2. UnPlug

Modern society has us dependent on technologies for solving all our troubles. While this is a fantastic advantage for our lives, we wish to be conscious after they are getting distractions from ourselves. Unplugging from the cellphone and also the internet enables us to seriously be obtainable to our needs and begin to “Google ourselves” for techniques that we can nurture and stay in tune with us. It makes it possible for us to become present in who we’re, what we want and what we’re feeling ideal now.

3. Date You!

How would you appreciate to be treated on a date? What would woo you? Make your heart smile? Now, bring some of those components in dating you. Take oneself out! Dazzle you! Impress you. Woo You! Get pleasure from it! Make you smile. Congratulations, you might have just raised your bar. All others need to meet you right here or surpass.

4. It’s per day for Stillness.

Our modern day American culture teaches us to wear busy as a badge of honor.

Our thoughts race, we hold a rapid pace, and we’ve got tiny to no time for you to breath and be. Stillness permits us to sloooow down, think, process and act accordingly. Stillness aids us to recharge and move forward in our choices with clarity and balance. Stillness … READ MORE ...