Laser Hair Removal Calculator

The R.A.D. Laser Hair Removal Candidate Calculator is an interactive and educational tool that helps prospective prospects ascertain what hair removal technologies are most suitable for them. Figuring out what laser is most suitable for them, the candidates can now focus their search on providers that carry the distinct laser technologies. For example, an individual who learns that ND: Yag is the most appropriate laser for his skin form, can now concentrate his search on providers that do carry ND: Yag lasers and eradicate swiftly the other providers. The calculator can assist to “protect” the candidate from providers who don’t carry the appropriate technologies but may industry their technologies because of the appropriate one particular.

This calculator is by no suggests a replacement for the health-related consultation expected ahead of the remedy.

How does laser hair removal operate?

The laser makes use of a light beam to target the pigment of hair follicles. The energy delivered to the follicle destroys it and prevents the development of new hair. This process is efficient when the skin is light and also the hair is dark. When the hair is light along with the skin is darker, much more energy is delivered for the skin pigment as well as the impact around the hair follicle is diminished. In this case, not simply may be the laserless successful, nevertheless, it can also damage the skin pigment and bring about unwanted skin discoloration.

Alexandrite and diode lasers are the most powerful lasers however they are limited to folks with light skin and dark hair.

ND: Yag lasers can treat also persons with dark skin and lighter hair. On the other hand, more remedies are required to attain the preferred final results. ND: Yag laser makes use of a shorter light wavelength and delivers a reduced … READ MORE ...

The Laser Hair Removal Candidate Calculator

The calculator is designed to take the patient information as an input and to rate each hair removal technologies, for that specific candidate, as an output. The input contains skin form, hair variety, no matter if the tan is present or not, a tendency to burn when exposed for the sun, along with the density of his or her hair in the desired treatment area.

Also, the calculator prompts the user to specific circumstances that are contra indicators for laser hair removal.

The output rates the efficiency of each of your following laser technologies: Alexandrite Laser, Diode Laser, Nd:Yag Laser, Intense Pulsed Light, and Electrolysis.

Initially, the potential patient chooses their skin kind in the following:

Extremely Light

  • Light
  • Mediterranean/Olive
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Light Brown
  • Indian
  • Dark Brown
  • Black

Another parameter that defines the skin sort is the skin tends to tan. The user next describes how the sun impacts his/her skin by deciding upon certainly one of the following alternatives:

  • Right away Burn
  • Occasionally Burn
  • Rarely Burn/Usually Tan
  • Never Burn/Always Tan
  • No Influence

Subsequent, the user selects his hair sort:

  • Black/Brown
  • Light Brown/Red
  • Blonde
  • White/grey

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