Respecting Boundaries In Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are built on respect. Respect as a concept is often misunderstood, but it’s one of the key building blocks in healthy relationships. This is because respect isn’t just about respecting someone else’s feelings and opinions—it’s also about respecting their personal boundaries, which includes knowing when and how to set them in your relationships so they stay healthy and happy (for both parties).

What are Boundaries?

A boundary is the limit you set for yourself in any relationship. It’s about knowing what you will and won’t tolerate from other people, as well as when and where to say “no” to them. When we don’t have boundaries, we allow others to take advantage of us or treat us poorly without consequence.

Boundaries can be physical (like how close someone stands to us), emotional (how much time in a day we want to spend with certain people), financial (how much money we’re willing to lend a friend), spiritual (what religious rituals are acceptable) and intellectual (what subjects should be off-limits at dinner parties). Boundaries can also be flexible; if your partner asks for something that isn’t part of their usual routine but seems reasonable enough given the circumstances at hand, then feel free! Just remember: boundaries aren’t rules; they’re guides that help you stay grounded while navigating relationships so that everyone feels safe and secure while having fun together

Why Set Boundaries?

Setting boundaries is about self-care. It’s about respecting yourself and your own needs, wants and desires. Setting boundaries is also about respecting others, not just in the moment but in their future actions as well. If you don’t set limits on what you will or won’t do for someone else (or allow them to do to you), it can be easy for them to take advantage of that lack … READ MORE ...