Mix and Match Tips on Wearing Leggings

Wearing jeans is definitely trendy, but apparently, some people feel less comfortable with that. Because of his material is quite heavy and less comfortable for long periods. For that reason, some people prefer to replace it with leggings. This item is newly popular in recent years. Formerly leggings are only offered in base color used as the innards those who wear skirts, but not anymore, from LuLaRoe Orlando you may get limited pattern with thicker material selection makes it convenient to wear in any condition and combined with a variety of tops shirt.

Surely this item suitable for walk or hang out with friends, not for the sake of work. Now these products are far more diverse with some additional motives. Suitable for you who claim fashionable. Firstly, you should also be observed several things like the color and the tops were worn. We recommend that you do not choose the same color as the skin because it creates the impression of vulgarity. Now for more details about using the leggings beautiful views here are some tips that you can try, namely:

  1. Avoid using short shirt, keep in mind that even the leggings itself is very tight curves show your overall body from the hips to the bottom, wearing a short shirt, let alone a rigorous course will show you the impression that irreverent. You may have been wearing a shirt with coherent matching leggings this, only the size of the length at the bottom to cover the buttocks, or add to the long outer jacket anyway.
  2. Avoid wearing a similar color to the skin, this type trousers made of material that is actually attached to the skin, so that the same color as will cause unfavorable perspective to the viewer. You may choose the same color, but with the addition of certain motifs that will disguise the same impression.
  3. Combined with the mini dress is also suitable, you who have a mini dress, but lack the confidence to use it to eliminate the impression that by integrating using the leggings, but it is much better to choose the base color without additional motive.4.
  4. Do not combine with high heels, indeed helpful to make your body look higher, just do not combine it with leggings, it felt quite strange actually. You can use flat shoes or flat sandals are also outstanding.
  5. Choose the appropriate length, for you with short body, you should use short leggings anyway to create the impression of a higher, otherwise those who leggy should choose a model that ankle-length.

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