Dating: How To Get a Girlfriend

Today I’m gonna go over how to get a girlfriend. Before we get into how to ask a girl out or even how to get a girl to like you, I’d like to cover the platform from which you can build. By the way – this information will help you in every part of you life, not just with getting girls.

To be able to get a girlfriend, you should be a man who wants to get a girl more than anything else. Have a desire to get girls, once this need of a girlfriend is in place… you’ll be able do what it takes to not only find out exactly how to get a girlfriend, but also to take the steps that will make your mission a success.

To get girls you don’t need to know how to flirt, you won’t be using cheesy pick up lines and so long as you stick by the 9 factors I am about to reveal you will almost certainly be able to get any girlfriend that you choose.

 As I said before you have to want to get a girlfriend and want to know how to do it, before you will begin to naturally take action towards what you want. Make it a ‘MUST’! Knowing how to get a girls need to be top of your priorities from now on.

Next thing that needs to be in place, is your self confidence. This is going to be a HUGE part of whether you get the girl or not. Women want confident men, not little boys! (In a moment I’ll reveal the exact steps to accomplish this AND all the other factors too…)

Most men will have deep fears of rejection and can’t face looking stupid or being humiliated. It’s completely natural that guys, and girls for that matter, are afraid of certain things. I lived in fear of women for years and never even realized that it was what was holding me back for so long (so I know what it’s like!)

Another thing that got in my way for too damn long was about how women process information and think about stuff. You see, girls tend to be more emotionally minded. They make decisions by the feelings they get. (I use this every time I get girls, soon I’ll show you how to get a girlfriend using this too…)

Ever since the dinosaur age, women have always been subconsciously attracted to the leader of the pack. Whats known as the Alpha male. This kind of stuff is just ingrained in the mind of a woman. The trick is to learn how to use this by getting yourself in that hot spot by using social dynamics tactics… Very Powerful stuff… but I’m getting ahead of myself…)

That’s the base of what you’ll need to know about how to get a girlfriend before you take the plunge and begin to approach girls. Most guys will mess this up BIG TIME. That’s a fact. And I can tell you, first impressions are highly important.

Talking to girls is critical part of getting a girlfriend. You need to talk about things that will trigger a positive emotional response towards you…

Story telling is hands down the best way to get a girlfriend. By telling a woman a story that has good emotions tied into it, you will begin to get those good feelings going and you’ll be sparking an attraction when combined with the other points…

Humor is one of the best emotional feelings you can get from a girl. By being able to get a girl laugh when you want her to, you’ll be in true control of every situation…

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