Battling Women Age Spots and Liver Spots

Battling Women Age Spots and Liver Spots

A lot of us understand that we are obtaining older and our skin begins showing that age. The harsh reality hits house when we appear in the mirror and we get started noticing what’s normally identified as age spots or liver spots. No longer do we have that perfect unblemished skin, we once had when we were in our teenage years or our mid-twenties. As an active, career woman it is difficult to realize that being so careful in taking care of your body and skin would sometimes still give us those unwanted blemishes on your skin.

Let’s look further into age spots or often known as liver spots. We first recognized that these liver spots are not related to the liver in any matter. Originally, the liver spots were linked to some sort of liver malfunction. Through medical research, we have proved that is incorrect. There is a correlation between liver malfunction and the skin, but it is not directly influenced by age spots. Now that we made this clear about the liver spots, we can look into what is an age spot. More often than not, the age spots are caused by age and sun damage. There is data that also shows that clean skin can also be related to there DNA or family history.

These are directly linked to sun damage. As we get older, our skin and body can no longer produce new skin at the same rates as we were younger. Unfortunately, this can be said about our muscle growth and our recovery time from strenuous activities. The more activities in the direct sun without protective sunblock or clothing will increase the chances of age spots. People living in warmer clients or having jobs in the outdoors are prone to age spots. The face, shoulders, and back of the hands are most prevalent to have liver spots. These skin surfaces usually have the most age spots on the body. Alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine are also harmful to the skin. To combat these age spots, one should use a very good sunblock or stay out of the direct sunlight.

The age spots in many instances are not harmful, but it is important to get them checked out by a physician. Many do not like skin coloration on their faces or body. These spots are a synonym with aging or getting older. Luckily, there is something we can do to battle these. Many companies have developed a specific product to combat these liver spots. They have developed a bleaching cream which in turn helps the skin with the discoloration. These creams help the damaged skin in your face, shoulders, and hands. The key is to use these creams consistently and protect the skin from direct sunlight. One must be committed in their regiment of taking care of your skin and staying out of those nasty ultraviolet rays. These simple tasks will give you an edge against this nuisance.

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