9 Tips on How to Support During Your Friend’s Pregnancy

9 Tips on How to Support During Your Friend’s Pregnancy

9 Tips on How to Support During Your Friend's Pregnancy

Everyone wants to be there for their friends during difficult times and pregnancy can be as difficult as it gets. To be your best friend you need to try to support but without going over the edge. Here are some common mistakes that should be avoided and some tips on how to help, support and carry during your friend’s pregnancy:

Don’t Hang Out at The Bar

Alcohol and pregnant women do not mix and cannot participate in all the debauchery that carries alcohol can be a major cause of a decline in some women. Instead, go to a juice bar or throw a small party at your home.

Try Your Best to Avoid Losing Patience with Your Friends

Pregnancy does some very strange things in a woman’s mind and one of the most difficult to deal with his mood swings. This can range from minor explosions to an all-out explosion. Try to be patient as much as possible, and if he is really acting strange, excuse me.

Make Her Included in Your Friends’ Events

Being pregnant can actually be a very lonely period of life. A pregnant woman needs support and friends who are willing to show her that she will be a very cool mother.

Truly Support for The Rapid Changes in Her Body

One of the most common complaints and insecurities mentioned by pregnant women is weight gain. Chances are that your friend might feel insecure, fearful, or completely confused by the rapid changes in her body. Friends who truly support will realize that women who are pregnant need certainty during this time. Tell her that he looks great and praises a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnant Women Crave That They Shouldn’t Ignore It

Let her choose where to eat. In the later stages of pregnancy, this becomes more important because nausea (and in bad cases of vomiting) can occur if a pregnant woman smells something that is incompatible with her taste.

Offer her help with homework, work, or even financial assistance for baby equipment

It is very common for pregnant women to feel overwhelmed with work in their conditions. Sometimes simple movements like putting a plate in the dryer can be enough to make mom feel much better.

Pregnant Women Need Support and Encouragement

If your friend’s pregnancy is an unexpected surprise, don’t judge. In fact, it is best to avoid negative comments about a prospective mother’s decision to look after the baby in general. Do not offer any criticism in the area of ​​pregnancy, parenting, or motherhood, unless your friend specifically asks for honest and brutal opinions. Pregnant women need support and encouragement. An understatement can easily make your friend feel bad for a whole week. Even if your friend is usually thick-skinned when talking about comments like that, commenting on anything related to pregnancy or mother is not a wise idea.

Keep An Eye On What Your Friends Are Eating

This tip is not for your friends as it is for your friend’s unborn child. If you see your friend drinking energy drinks, eating lots of mercury-rich tuna, or drinking alcohol, stop him immediately. This is food that can be very dangerous for children. Remind her about her condition and that things that are too bad can cause serious injury to her baby. Her child’s safety is at stake and a true friend will realize that.

Be a Listener

Every expectant mother is afraid, upset, worried, or just needs to shout once in a while. This kind of attitude is greatly appreciated when expectant mothers are overwhelmed with all the changes that occur to them.

In short – be alert but diplomatic, lower your criticism and double your tolerance; in nine months your friend will thank you for it!

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